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Polished concrete flooring option is today regarded as being trendy with numerous benefits and applications. It is also now widely used in the residential and commercial setting equally.
In the residential setting colored and decorative polished concrete are a blend of elegance charm and beauty. ?Installing polished concrete in your home provides benefits that you will inevitably enjoy.

Long LifespanPolished concrete can last a lifetime. The sheen of the floor can be maintained with regular cleaning. Polished concrete will remain a beautiful design for long time

Polished concrete is feasible for indoor and outdoor application. This flooring option comes with timeless and neutral qualities making it an ideal choice for a wide range of decorative themes. Any theme of motif in your home will go well with polished concrete floors.

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How they work. Floor strippers use rotary blades to gently remove the top layer of flooring material, without damaging the floor underneath. Blades are available in different configurations and thicknesses, depending on the type of flooring you want to remove.
However, for more challenging, labor-intensive jobs, ride-on scrapers may be the best choice. For removing wood flooring or tile from concrete, ride-on scrapers are far and away the most productive, with the ability to rip through 120-feet of floor per minute.
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Easy in Maintenance
Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain. It is important to install a baseboard when installing polished concrete so the walls do not get dirty during mopping. Regular mopping is all that is needed to free this flooring option with dust, dirt grime and strains.
Cost Effective
It is extremely affordable to install polished concrete. It provides high value for money because while it is low in cost it is high in aesthetic appeal.
Existing concrete slab can be used to build your new polished concrete floor. No new materials are needed as the existing concrete surface will serve as the foundation of polished concrete.
The polished concrete process includes grinding, honing and polishing. Each phase has a required grit sequence to allow the evaluation of the entire process.

The polished concrete contractor checks the progress of the level of sheen of the concrete surface making sure the final stage will achieve the level of sheen desired.

Diamond abrasives are the most important and versatile equipment used in the polished concrete process.Grinding the concrete surface with metal grits in 20/30 to 100/120 will make the concrete surface with lot of aggregate smooth finish.
Stains or dyes and densifier are applied to achieve the desired color.
The concrete surface is polished using a 50-grit resin to 400 grit shine to appear. The brightness and clarity of the sheen will vary depending on the resin grit. This is referred to as the honing process.
Concrete will be further polished with 800, 1,500 and 3,000 resin grits to achieve the desired level of sheen. Using 3,000 resin grit will make the concrete surface have a high gloss finish.
After all the polishing steps are completed, a burnishing pad is used to clean the resulting concrete floor to give it a little more shine.

The application of polished concrete is not a simple task. There are a lot of steps involved in the process. There is also a need to used specialized equipment to ensure the polished concrete floor achieves the right level of sheen.
If you are decided on installing polished concrete. Get in touch with a professional ozzflooring contractor to get the job right.

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