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A polished concrete floor will look attractive in both the interior and exterior, creating a seamless link. Contrary to many people’s fears, concrete does not become slippery when polished. It is classified as a low-slip surface even when wet, so it can be used safely in a garden The way that water interacts with the porous surface can even provide a bit of extra grip for one’s shoe. (By the same token, though, the porous surface of polished concrete means that water doesn’t wipe up as easily, leaving a temporary damp spot.)Life-Span. A properly installed, sealed and maintained polished concrete floor can be expected to last a hundred years or more in even the harshest commercial environments. Its life-span will also far surpass that of other floor coverings, such as carpeting, vinyl tile and wood laminates. Stain protectors, guards and sealers are vital for ongoing polished concrete floor maintenance. protector. Stain protection is vital to the long term aesthetics of polished concrete, providing protection from discoloring penetrating stains and chemical etches.

Mechanically Polished for a Professional Finish - Outdoor Polished Concrete Done by Experts

To give you the best possible result we use the latest in outdoor concrete polishing technology. Diamond grinding pads allow us to achieve an incredibly fine and smooth finish. Depending on your budget and needs we can adjust the fineness of the finish and the number of times we grind and polish. Discuss your requirements with our team today for more information.
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Outdoor polished concrete is a stunning flooring solution and a great alternative to tiles or standard concrete. Its durability and stain resistance enables it to last a very long time. It looks great with little maintenance and minimal cleaning. If you don’t have the time to clean or want a floor that will look great for years, choose outdoor polished concrete. However, if you need a floor that is durable and slip-resistant for an outdoor area, we may recommend grind and seal concrete instead. Talk to our team today and we can provide you with the floor that’s right for you.

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