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What about Mechanical Polish Concrete ?

One of the top flooring trends in both commercial and residential spaces is polished concrete floors. Not only are exposed concrete floors aesthetically appealing, but exposed concrete floors are also durable, long-lasting, affordable, environmental friendly, and perfect for many applications – including business, warehouses, retail spaces, homes, restaurants, breweries, art galleries, and so much more. In addition, the desired finish of your refinished exposed concrete can vary from low sheen to high gloss that resembles glass.

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Polished concrete and sealed concrete floors look almost identical. Even some contractors may have trouble first distinguishing between the two systems. However, the shine/finish is achieved by completely different processes. Polished concrete is more labor intensive and involves more steps than grind/sealed concrete floors.
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If you are interested in exposed concrete flooring for your business or home, you may come across flooring companies that offer both polished concrete and sealed concrete. Clients are left wondering, “Is polished concrete or sealed concrete best for my project and space.. and what’s the difference?”. Both polished concrete and grind and sealed concrete floors are great flooring solutions, and they can look almost identical. Due to their similar appearances, many consumers are not aware of the differences between polished concrete and grind/sealed concrete floors. This can result in confusion when requesting quotes or gathering information for your project.

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