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Geelong Polish Concrete

Geelong metro is for Polished floors because of commercial expansion so Ozz focused more in surrounding suburbs. Polished concrete flooring is extremely strong and resilient and is able to withstand the pressure from very heavy foot traffic and equipment. It is very difficult to damage and is nearly impossible to chip or scratch
Grind from 20/30 metalgrit to 80-grit metal-bonded diamond. Grind with a 150-grit metal-bonded diamond (or expose finer, if desired). Apply a chemical hardener to densify the concrete. Polish with a 100- or 200-grit resin-bond diamond, or a combination of the two
The current polished concrete price in Australia is approximately between $80 and $140 per square metre. The average cost throughout the country for concrete polishing jobs is about $3500 however, depending on the size of the project, the price can fluctuate.

Why Get Concrete Polishing Geelong?

Polished concrete is quickly becoming a modern standard. Its ability to look great in nearly every setting, as well as needing no maintenance, makes polished concrete Geelong an easy choice for modern design. Many buildings have a concrete base below their existing floors. We can polish this base or remove your existing floor and polish the concrete underneath to create a durable, good looking floor for your home or business
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Floor preparation with concrete grinding

Discuss your requirements with our team and we’ll plan out your service to give you the best results that suit your style and budget. We focus on delivering excellent results in as little time as possible, ensuring you can get back to using your property faster. What’s more, with our satisfaction guarantee you can be confident you’re getting great results. For the best concrete polishing Geelong has to offer, call and let us provide you with exceptionally polished concrete floors that will last you a lifetime!

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