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Concrete Grinding

Are you looking for qualified Melbourne concrete grinders for your next project? Look no further. We’re a fully registered, licensed Melbourne concrete services and grinding business dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers.

At ozzfloorsolutions, we don’t just do concrete grinding for polished concrete floors or sealed concrete floors. We can grind any concrete surface to prepare it for alternative flooring options you have in mind – like floorboards, carpets or tiles.

Old Floor Removal Service Prior to Grinding

We also offer floor removal services to remove old floor coverings like old tiles, timber or vinyl prior to grinding the concrete. Damaged concrete surfaces can also be restored to their former glory and used for years to come. Once the grinding has been completed and the smooth surface is left, any flooring option can be installed with ease. Floor preparation is key in the longevity of any flooring option.
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Floor preparation with concrete grinding

We do concrete grinding with a powerful Husqvarna Hyperfloor machine. A diamond allows us to work the rough concrete surface to reveal a smooth, even, flat finish. Preparing a concrete floor using a grinding machine levels the floor and removes imperfections and removes any previous, worn sealant, dirt or paint.

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