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Emergency Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Services

Cleaning is one of the most reputable carpet cleaning companies in Melbourne. We provide emergency carpet cleaning services for your home and offices. Our certified carpet cleaning Melbourne experts have over 15 years of combined professional experience to clean your carpet and remove most stains to remove bacteria and allergens. Cleaning a carpet enhances the look of your room. Still, most importantly, it is associated with the health of the dwellers. Depending on the human foot traffic, the carpet gathers soil, dander and accidental spills which results in stains. We remove most carpet stains using our latest technology to keep your carpets maintained for a longer duration. Our carpet cleaning Melbourne experts remove most pet urine stains, human dander, chewing gum, grease, ink, paint, adhesives, coffee, tea and red wine stains. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we use the most effective carpet steam cleaning method to remove dirt and stains for an allergy-free environment.

Types of Carpet Cleaning methods

Steam carpet cleaning: This is the most effective carpet cleaning method. High-pressure hot water is used to agitate carpet fibres which easily dissolves dirt and sand. A high-pressure vacuum is used to remove the loose soil.
Bonnet Cleaning: Bonnet cleaning is a low-moisture fast-drying method used in commercial premises. A heavy-duty motorised machine with pads immersed in cleaning . It is suitable only to clean the face of the carpet, ideal for deep cleaning.
Encapsulation:In this method, encapsulating chemical is sprayed on the carpet and then brushed with a rotary brush machine. It helps to crystallise the dirt into powder form,
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Carpet steam cleaning method:

  • Pre-inspection: Our carpet cleaning team of professionals will inspect your carpet for any possible presence of stains or any existing damage.
  • Fibre ID: We will identify the fibre of the carpet if necessary.
  • Dry Vacuuming: The first and most crucial step in cleaning your carpet is to remove dry particle soil by using a vacuum with an effective filtration system.
  • Stain Treatment: We will pre-treat the stain with a special solution to loosen and lift it, before steam cleaning. We remove urine stains, coffee and tea stains, red wine stains, and stains from milk, polish and lipstick.
  • Pre-Spray: We pre-spray appropriate chemical and give it enough dwell time to loosen leftover soil.
  • Agitation: We do agitation, manually or mechanical action for suspension of heavily soiled areas if necessary.

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